March Newsletter Highlights

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The March Newsletter is out. Here are some highlights:

  • Value measures of the overall stock market are mixed. Price-to-Earnings and Price-to-Book ratios both indicate that stocks are expensive. However, the earnings yield spread makes stocks look attractive relative to bonds. Treasury spreads also point towards continued market strength.
  • The Dollar remains strong. The coming months are likely to present opportunities for international travel or Real Estate investing overseas.
  • Consumer sentiment remains near 5-year highs as the economic recovery continues.
  • Both the LGI Active and Levered S-B portfolios continue to outperform the broad market.
  • Attractive rental returns in the U.S. Real Estate market look to be more difficult to find going forward with vacancy rates on the upswing and credit conditions tightening.
  • We take a detailed look at the Dallas-Fort Worth rental market and find attractive zip codes in Southeast Downtown Dallas, Greenville-Commerce, and Downtown Fort Worth