May Newsletter Highlights

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Here are the highlights from the May Newsletter:

  • While the stock market appears to be expensive, there is little indication of a near term market downturn. An optimistic view of the economy and stock market is still warranted.
  • A generally positive economic outlook is appropriate. Consumer confidence remains near 5-year highs, the dollar is strong, and risk measures are low.
  • Both the LGI Active and Levered S-B portfolios continue to outperform the broad market, with 3-Year Sharpe Ratios of 1.55 and 0.79 respectively.
  • Familiar names top our list of value stocks this moth: AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Carnival Group, Tyson Foods and Siliconware Precision are all still looking strong.
  • The overall U.S. Real Estate market outlook improved slightly this month with vacancy rates declining and credit conditions loosening a bit.
  • Our apartment rental market analysis this month focuses on the Orlando metro area and finds attractive real estate investment opportunities in the zip codes West of downtown Orlando.